domenica 15 febbraio 2009

Will Jatropha save the biofuel revolution?

The fruit pods plucked from Jatropha trees have seeds that produce burning diesel fuel (clean). And doesn't compete with food crops for arable land. It grows like weeds even in the worst of soil!
Jatropha and algae can revive the biofusel movement acused to divert too much crops from too many mouths.
Only India set aside 100.000.000 acres for jatropha cultivation and expects that oil produced will be 20% of its diesel consumption just by 2011!Also Australia, Brazil, Cina and Kenya are interested on it. A boing 747 was successfuly tested by Air New Zealand using a 50-50 blend of Jatropha and normal aviation fuel!!
The trees are native to the Caribbean (jatrophas curcas) and were taken to India by portugese sailors in the 1600s who used the seed for long burning lamp oil.
The fuel emits very little green house gases and the trees can capture 9 tons of CO2 per hectare, so that growers can ask carbon credits on the global markets.

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