sabato 12 luglio 2008

New ways to increase attribution of current photovoltaic systems!!

Researchers of MIT developed a line of transparent plastic filters that can double the attribution of current photovoltaic systems, or be placed on windows for the production of electric energy.
The filters, that are presented Friday in periodical Science, contain colouring substances that absorb light and send it to utmost the plastic leaf, round which they are found placed by photovoltaic elements.
The new technology could become commercial available in three years. The researchers appreciate in deed that the filters could [epistrothoyn] in big glass buildings and change him thus in stations of production of energy.
Colouring the filters they leave the 10% of solar radiation to pass, so that are litted up the internal spaces of buildings, while the rest is absorbed by photovoltaic elements in the frames of glass panes.
The organic molecules colouring absorb the photons of solar radiation and emit again him in different length of wave. These photons are moved afterwards in the interior of plastic and reach up to utmost his.
Apart from the windows, the new system could be placed above the solar collectors so that it develops the photons that are lost. This approach would increase the output of current photovoltaic systems at 90%, appreciates the team of Dr Marc Baldo.
The idea had been proposed initially the decade 1970, later however was abandoned because big part of energy of photons was lost as heat front it reaches in utmost the plastic leaves.

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