sabato 26 luglio 2008

The largest photovoltaic power station in Greece is operating

The station became operational in a critical period of high demand
Power 944 KW already in the grid of the country fotovoltaikos station company Sunergy in Pontoirakleia of Kilkis.

It is the largest installation of solar energy in Greece to be put into operation an even greater station in Dei Megalopolis in 2009.

The unit of Synergy, which will be inaugurated officially in September, built by the German Phoenix Solar, with headquarters in Munich, which is a market leader in photovoltaic systems technology and is also active in Spain, Italy, Singapore and Australia.

The station became operational in a critical period, as demand in the summer months is high, but stocks in the reservoirs of hydroelectric plants are very low.

The Sunergy SA, based in Thessaloniki, is among the first in Greece have submitted applications for the construction of photovoltaic parks on a large scale, with a total force of more than 5.700 KW.

Ongoing talks are the Sunergy with investors for the construction of new parks total photovoltaic effect 15.000 KW.

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