mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

In Megalopolis, the second largest solar park in Europe

With energy from the sun will cover from the summer of 2009 their needs in electrical 7,000 households in Arcadia. It is in accordance with the DEI, the first of the 28 thousand households will be powered by solar energy through photovoltaic park Megalopolis.

As write News on Monday, the park force 50 M W aspires to be the second largest in Europe and the company DEI Renewable, a subsidiary of DEI, will launch the relevant competition in the autumn so no later than early 2009 to begin the placement of the first panel.

If all goes well, until next summer will have been installed, according to estimates of DEI, a total of 10-11 M W, power able to cover first phase needs 7,000 local customers.

The park will be at least 400 meters beyond the city draft of Megalopolis, which has raised reactions from residents and agencies portion of the region, who fear an increase both visual nuisance and radiation because of mirroring of the panel.

As, however, supports the PPC, there will be no line of sight of residents with a location of the park, because of topography, and is at elevation difference of 30 metres from the city and separated by park 300 acres.

The already-developed trees in the park, but also a new battery that will planted in the northern limit of the establishment of the park, will make it, always at DEI, it impossible to contact the city of Megalopolis.

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