martedì 12 febbraio 2008

Zero carbon emission city

Do you immagine a city with no carbon emission? Where citizens will move using automated means of transport? With low buildings and renewable sources of energy? They immagined it and sterted to create it at the United Arab Emirates...

Building Mansar City is starting today and the plan will be completed at 2015. It will cost 22 billinos us dollars circa. The design was made from Foster & Parten

Its 50 thousand citizens will use tram trasportation and othe automated means of transport. Instead of skyscrapers of Abu Dabi, Mansar city will have low buildings with solar panels on the roofs.

Desert offers optimal contitions but in the Emirates only parkmeters use solar energy.

The city will be built near the sea and a wall will protect her from warm wind coming from the sesert and the airport landstrip from Abu Dabi.

Emirates have petrol for at least 150 years more, but instead acting like other countries producing it, emirates seek to modify their economy so to reduce their depency from petrol.

Mansar City is a part of an ambitious plan of the government that started on 2006.

Let's see if someone else follows theis path ^_^'


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