domenica 3 febbraio 2008

New fuel for airplanes??

An Airbus 380, bigest civilian aircraft, did an experimental flight from Britain to france using a sinthetic fuel that is being produced from natural gas and it is considered more "clean" from conventional fuel!!

This Airbus had the sign " more green, more clean, more quiet, more clever" and did the flight from bristol to tuluze, where the main factory is.

Three of the engines where using conventional fuel and the fourth used GLT (Gas to Liquid) which is a sinthetic fuel from shell.

The test was made after agreement from Shell, Airbus, Rolls Royce and Qatar Airways. Qatar in fact is preparing a site that will produce GLT and Qatar Airways is hoping to became the first airline to use this fuel.

Airbus plans incude some testing using biofuels until 2009.

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