domenica 25 novembre 2007

Alternative transport

A Great idea for Genova city in Italy...

Electric Motor-Scooters and Motorcycles - Electric Vehicle Transportation (EVT)

The implementation of the 48 Volt, Direct Drive Hub Motor in conjunction with The Intelligent System Controller has allowed the construction of a Totally Electric Scooter (The EVT- 4000e pictured here) that obtained first place in the category of "Electric Scooters" in the German Solar Vehicle Championship Year 2000 and Year 2001, sponsored by the Solar-Vehicle Federation of Germany. Likewise, The Taiwan Electric Vehicle Association on February 25, 2000, awarded The EVT-4000e with the first place in the "Eyewitness For the Electric Scooter Cruising Range Race" when it outperformed all other electric scooters by cruising for 81 kilometers (50 miles). In fact, the EVT Electric Scooters won first, second and third places in this long-range distance competition. Rides and handles like a Vespa type scooter, and will (reportedly) top out at 42 MPH with a 130 pound rider. Handling is very solid due to full suspension system, disk brakes at the rear and drum up front. The power rating of the hub motor is 1500 watts, same as the Voloci.

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