giovedì 11 ottobre 2007

A new future!

Remeber this acronym: EVI

It stands for EcoVillage at Ithaca....and its exacly what the name suggests.

Living a viable healthier life, alternative from the standard american one, this village, and many more on the Global Ecovillage network, are here to teach us something.

For example how shared cars, organic food and composite toilets, along with the more classic fotovoltaic panels, high insulated walls and multipanel fiberglass windows can save energy usually wasted through the freezing winter!
Such green strategies help reduce the ecological impact of 40% circa confront a standard community.

This is an example for all......for what a group of people, us for example, can achieve if want too, or are just nature sensible...don't you think?

It seems that the word is spreading and more are created! But the important thing is that they aren't isolated communities of hippies from the 70's...and it seems that people care actually for their neighbors and help each other. :) seems like small paradises are created in this cold world ;)

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