venerdì 15 giugno 2007

Recycle pc parts made easy!

Environmental behaviour isn't just turning off monitor during stand by. What about when that part or other pc parts brake and youhave to throw them? The energy intensive proccess of refining and molding plastic means that your computer monitor alone is responsable for emissions! If you eventually toss that monitor away on the scrap pile it will take years to brake down and will likely leak a pool of chemical compounds into the ground...this isn't so good, right?
There is a company that offering a line of flat screen monitors mouse and keyboards housed in bamboo shells. Unlike plastic this is an ecofriendly material. It biodegrades easily and doesn't release any evil compound when it's decompousing. All the bamboo is dried and treated for bugs and infestation. The price isn't so hot actually: monitor from 330$, mice from 20$ and keyboard from 30$. The name of this company is PlayEngine.

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