domenica 10 giugno 2007

Is "friendly" trashcan the future?

Why hawl away garbage when you can store them and pick them later easily in a 18kg compact bags? Forget the stinky overflowing trash cans found in urban corners. The successor is called BigBelly with the looks of a large newspaper vending machine that collects trash rather to distribute. The unit can hold at least 4 times as much as a standard can and so trash need to be collected less often and that means less trucks on the streets!
Large and greenit's the inside mechanics that makes the trash compactor so distinctive. It is equipped with a 40 watt solar panel connected to a 12 volt battery which runs the motor under rain or shine. When the bin is full sensors trigger gears that then compact 680lt of waste into 18kg bags. A LED display indicates that the trash is ready to picked up.
Unfortunately the unit costs, for now, almost 4000$, about 10 times the price of a conventional garbage can, but just think long term...
Jim Poss, head of the Seahorse power company has plans for the LED system to be replaced by a wireless on that will signal when the can is full.

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