lunedì 11 giugno 2007

First post on Hybrid cars...

Let see the future...actually lets see the present! One of the most best selling hybrid cars for now is the well famous Toyota Prius. It's almost 10 years since the birth of a car that runs on a petrol engine and an electric motor. The first mass produced hybrid automobile.
The combination of these 2 motor would be readily accepted by the public in terms of familiar technology. Today the second generation Prius provides both advanced environmental performance and a smooth powerful acceleration.
The combination of energy sources is not simply limited to that of a petrol engine with an electric motor. Lets think again long term :) Toyota also aims to maximize the utilization of energy sources acceptable to society like hydrogen fuel cell, biofuel or clean diesel.
But lets see how it works:
  • The electric motor is used primarly and power stored in the battery is used to turn the motor
  • During normal driving mode the management system monitors the driving conditions and intelligently controls the petrol engine and electric motor for optimum fuel efficiency. At the same time surplus energy is stored in the battery.
  • When you accelerate power is also provided from the battery to the electric motor combined with petrol engine.
  • Need to decelerate? The electric motor functions as a generator during deceleration and braking. Regenerated energy is used to recharge the battery (very clever idea)
  • Braking to a stop at a trafic light the petrol engine is first cut off and the electric motor bringsthe car gently to a stop. The system automatically avoids wasteful idding to conserve fuel and stop carbon emission!
Seems that more car producers start producing and selling hybrid cars. This is not just a fashion or maybe an increase to our environmental morale. Gasoline now costs so much that it's clear everyone tries to save his wallet...
Aren't all these enough reasons???

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