mercoledì 23 maggio 2007

Why going green can harm your carrer...

This is an example of why not everybody is prepared to accept more green least not the big companies! The story of Tomoyo Nonaka.
Being a former TV journalist she took charge of Sanyo, the big Japanese electronic company. She anounced a bold plan to transformSanyo into a leader in production of environmentally products like solar panels and energy efficient refrigerators.

"It's about sustainability and Sanyo will be the solution provider for this new world"

The old world wasn't ready and she had to resign from her position after Sanyo reported continued losses...
With climate change and high oil prices corporations are rushing to show off their green credentials, but unfortunately the field of environmental friendly products hasn't yet reached the critical mass (except some like Toyota Prius hybrid car).
Consumers don't want to pay much for appliances and othe items offerinf only long term individual benefits...nobody thinks the future! Also even if solar power market, where Sanyo is a big competitor, is starting to become wider and China, US and Taiwan have been investing in this technology over the past 2 years, generating electricity from solar panels is still at least twice as expensive as buying it from a fossil fuel factory.
There are some very interesting products from Sanyo green line, like : a battery that could be recharged with a very small solar panel, a washing maschine that recycled water and a hand warmer that use the company's advanced battery technology

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