giovedì 31 maggio 2007

What if your A4 paper could be a battery also?

Well this could be the future but for now this are...a little bit smaller ;)

Our battery doesn't go to the battery recycle bin. It's disposable as household waste.
A Finnish company, Enfucell, has a battery that can help people cut down on all the metal, lithium and alkaline that leaks from conventional cells.
These batteries are made of paper. It works much the same as ordinary button batteries and AA ones. Ions travel from an anode, pass through a solution called electrolyte to a cathode and emerge as an electrical charge. Instead of running ions through metal casings full of toxic and corrosive substances like lithium and alkaline the company uses a thin paper sheet as a conduit. It pastes one side with zinc and the other with manganese dioxide. Ions flow through an electrolyte solution of water and zinc cloride within the paper.
The batteries have a very strong Today's button ones sell in bulk for 0.20$ each. Because the 0.4mm thin SoftBattery is made from paper Enfucell can make sheets of the stuff and size the to specific applications with the tiny cost of a penny each once they hitt mass production!
For now these batteries won't power cameras or watchs. Even if they are 1.5Volts they don't last long enough to do so. The first applications could be RFID (radio frequency identification) tags which don't fraw constant power. The tags are tiny chips replacing bar codes. Other producs can be musical greeting cards, LED adorned marketing brochures and cosmetic and medical patches.

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