domenica 27 maggio 2007

New ways of Cooling!

Have you ever heard of using Sun and Salt to cool an ambient? Neither did I...but seems that it's true, or at least this is what ClimateWell says! A swedish company based in south of Stocholm that aims to lower the amount and cost of energy used to cool homes in warm weather areas using solar power air conditioning.
Unlike conventional cooling or heating systems fueled by non renewable energy sources like oil and gas, ClimateWell's CW10 system slashes energy use by effectively running off water heated by the sun. In case of cloud day the system stores energy for conversion later into coolong or heating.
Let's see how it works...Air conditioning relies on heat exchange. In this case it's a thermochemical one between water and salt that takes place in a vacuum. Water evaporating from a tank inside the refrigerator is absorbed by salt housed in a connected tank. The water molecules can't resist sticking to the salt turning it into a slurry. A s water aveporates it gives up energy that is released inside the salt tank. The result of the energy transfer is that the water becomes colder as the salt heats up. Pipe water trought the slurry into radiators and the system han heat the home. Use the cold water and you can cool it.
Solar panels provide the energy needed to ensure the coolong process.
The base idea was that heat from water connected to the solar panels dries and crystallizes the salt, evaporating the water absorbed in it and storing energy inside the salt. As soon water is remixed with the salt the energy is released cooling the water tank.
Unfortunately this tech isn't so cheap for the time being. For example it can cost 25000$ circa in a european country but...considering the long term effects, the oil price and tha going solar can make your electricity bill thinner this is considered a good investment!

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