domenica 27 maggio 2007

Hybrid taxis for New York

The mayor of the city, Bloomberg, in a tv show, announced that the taxi fleet of new york will be replaced soon by hybrid cars, friendly to the environment. Half electric, half gasoline.
These hybrid cars have significaly lower emission from conventional ones. New regulation for new taxis entering the fleet were applied with a 2012 deadline for replacing. The president of the car-user association back up this plan.
Today there are as much as 13000 taxis in the town with just 375 of them with lower emission. The plan is to increase that number in 1000 until october 2008.
Thechange of the taxi fleet is part of a bigger plan of Bloomberg that wants to decrease the carbon emission of the town by 30% until 2030. A very ambitious plan...
These hybrid cars were tested for the past 18 months and the success of that testing led to include all vehicles. Authorities declare that even if the car price is higher it will eventualy lead to a profit for every professional of at least 10000$ a year because of the low gasoline usage and the high-price race of it

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