lunedì 28 maggio 2007

Can Plastic replace Silicon?

What if you could print electronics on just about anything at a very low cost and with low energy impact? Some model products of this idea are: hospital bracelets synced to update when info is added to a medical file, musical scores that refresh so you don't have to turn the pageand many portable text displays light and flexible...
Unike chips made from silicon and glass the polymer ones are light, hard to brake and as cheap as plastic! Plastic transistors don't behave well for the time being to create a pc but there is much else that can be done. The most important thing is the price. Plastic Logic, a company, estimates that plastic chip can cost as little as one tenth of conventional one because the raw material is plastic and all the proccess is done in room temperature. This company is going to produce in Germany a flexible portable text display. Other firms like Polymer Vision announce a 5 inch screen that can be rolled up to the thickness of a cell phone.
Other future products can be grocery store displays that will advertise directly to you. Perishable like milk could be packaged with sensord layered in their cardboard to let you know whether they've always been stored at appropriated temperatures. Immagine plastic solar panels, low cost memory sticks and displays like big screen TV that could rolled up and stashed when guest come...
Future is very near :)

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